Gear Closet: Up to 50% at REI

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The holidays are so over, as are last year’s models of many outdoor gear items. If you’re like me and don’t mind last year’s leftovers when they come 50% off, head on over to and check out their January clearance sale.

Here are some highlights from the sale.

Keen Betty Boots


Patagonia Bivy Down Jacket

Great deal on these cute, warm winter boots by Keen. They're waterproof for playing in both snow and rain, yet the fabric is breathable. The soles have good traction and grip, even on ice. The boots are 50% off at $75. Buy it.>

I love the rugged, old-school design of this Patagonia jacket with its durable, water-resistant canvas exterior. Just putting it on will make you want to chop up some firewood! 30% off at $174.

Buy it.>

Sierra Designs DriDown Sweater Jacket

Mountainsmith Modular Hauler 4 Storage System

I have the version of the jacket that comes with a hood, and I absolutely love it. The thumb loops, slim fit and zippered pockets are my favorite features. I have not experienced the shedding of feathers mentioned in the one review of this jacket at All down jackets will shed a few feathers now and then, though. What a deal to see a nice down jacket for under $100! It is 50% off at $94. Buy it.>

These were surely made with road trips in mind. Each storage "box" is a color-coded cube to keep your gear organized - just pull out the cube you need by it's carry handle. Each member of your family could have their own cube. The system is 50% off at $50. Buy it.>

Saucony Jazz Sneakers

Ibex Henley Shirt

For the Northwest urban explorer, a pair of comfy, hip sneakers will take you from sidewalk trekking to cocktail sampling in style. I love these vintage-inspired Saucony Jazz kicks. Different colors are different prices; this color combo is just $27. Buy it.>

No one who loves Ibex has just one Ibex wool shirt. Once you try one you want more, because they are so great for layering. But they're also pricey, so wait for a sale - like this one! Made with fine, soft, quick-drying merino wool, this Ibex OD Henley Shirt layers well or looks good on its own for casual outings in cool weather. It is 30% off at $80. Buy it.>

Ibex Carrie Vest

Bogs Pearl Slip-On Boots

The Ibex Carrie merino wool knit vest adds a warm layer without any bulk right where you need it most - your core. I use it for chilly mornings on summer hikes and an extra mid-layer for winter warmth. Like all Ibex products, it doesn't itch a bit and is very well-made. The vest is 50% off at $75. Buy it.>

Check it out - a waterproof Beatle Boot. Bogs, a shoe company known for their colorful rubber rainboots, has debuted several styles of Pacific Northwest rain-worthy waterproof leather footwear recently. I think these boots would be perfect for my next jaunt down to Portland.Buy it.>

Gregory J23 Daypack

Fjallraven Luhkka Jacket

What a great price on this Gregory J23 Day Pack, specifically designed for women. It's small and compact but more than capable of carrying heavy loads in comfort. 50% of at $50.Buy it.>

Part cape, part jacket, and totally cute. The Luhkka jacket is a traditional half-zip cape with a fleece lined opening and a thin insulation layer. The adjustable hood has a detachable faux-fur ruff that keeps out blowing snow, and the oversized fleece-lined kangaroo pocket zips closed. It is 30% off, $235. Buy it.>

Keen Hydro Guide Sandals

Kurgo Wander Dog Bed

If you've been kayaking or tidepooling in the Pacific Northwest, you know that your choice of footwear for stability and protection is very important. These Keen sandals have sticky outsoles for great grip on slippery rock, and toe bumpers to protect your sensitive toes from getting smushed and smashed. At 40% off, these are $60.Buy it.>

We have a dog, and we will travel! The super-soft Wander Dog Bed from Kurgo is a dog bed for traveling canines, rolling up into it's own handled duffel. It is 48% off at $26. Buy it.>

Thanks for reading Northwest TripFinder. See our disclosure statement for info on affiliate links.

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