How To Choose Your Next Camping Tent

How To Choose Your Next Camping Tent

Why go camping? How about because it’s loads of fun? Because you create lifelong memories with people you love over a crackling campfire. Because coffee tastes better outside. Because… s’mores. Because waking up to the sound of birdsong. Because camping will  save you a bunch of money that you don’t shell out for a hotel. […]

Amp Your Camp: New Essentials for Modern Camping

Camping season is almost here! In just a few short weeks, we’ll be sleeping under the stars atop a plateau in the Eastern Washington desert. And then under old growth at Mount Rainier. And then steps from the beach on Whidbey Island… Where will you be camping this year? (and have you made your campground […]

Top Picks from REI’s Biggest Outdoor Gear Sale

I have to say, it’s quite thoughtful of REI to have their biggest sale of the year just as I’m planning our summer camping trips and figuring out all the gear we need. This isn’t just a clearance sale–many of the deals are new gear products, discounted as much as 30% off. Check out the sale; it ends May 25. […]

Gear Closet: Up to 50% at REI

The holidays are so over, as are last year’s models of many outdoor gear items. If you’re like me and don’t mind last year’s leftovers when they come 50% off, head on over to and check out their January clearance sale. Here are some highlights from the sale. Thanks for reading Northwest TripFinder. See […]

Gifts for Intrepid Pacific Northwesterners

The holidays are upon us. Whether you give lots of gifts this time of year or spread your generosity across the seasons, you might find yourself stumped over choosing the perfect present for the local traveler in your life. Here’s a little guide to some of our favorite things for local travelers this year. Whether your […]

Gear Closet: Camping Gear Springtime Deals

The best thing about gear companies creating new models every single year? Clearance sales. Here are some screamin’ deals on camping gear right now.  Big Agnes Tent The one big piece of gear our family needs right now is a family-sized tent for car camping. The Big Agnes Mad House 4 Tent has long been one of […]

Patagonia Offers Free Holiday Shipping

I was browsing this morning, looking for a replacement for the fleece hat I lost to the Pacific Ocean on a windy day. They don’t make the exact same hat that I lost, which is a bummer because it was the best hat I’ve ever owned. However, they have plenty of other great products and deals […]

Outdoor Experts Share their Favorite Tents

Summer is around the corner and I can almost taste the mountain huckleberries. And that means camping season is around the corner, too. Have you pitched a tent in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest yet this year? We recently checked in with folks who have — all of them avid explorers of the great […]

Amp Your Camp

Camping season is officially here! In just a few short weeks, we’ll be sleeping under the stars atop a plateau in the Eastern Washington desert. How about you? Have you made your campground reservations yet? If so, it seems the only task left is to fill in the gaps on your camping checklist. Here at Northwest TripFinder, […]