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Tide Pool Party: Where to Spot Cool Marine Life Near Seattle

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Grab your rubber boots and low tide field guide–there are some fantastic minus tides in Puget Sound this summer! There are a few things in life that you can rely on with absolute certainty. One of those is the rhythm of the sea. Twice a day, the tide will come in (high tide!) and twice […]

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Find Cool Geology at Mount St. Helens

Forty years ago, at 8:32am on a quiet Sunday morning, Mount St. Helens blew its top. The explosion was a massive volcanic eruption, the most disastrous in U.S. history. A plume of searing hot ash spewed hundreds of feet into the air that turned day into night around the Pacific Northwest. The unexpected lateral blast […]

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COVID-19: The Perfect Guidebook for Finding Trails Close to Your Home

No doubt, this is an exciting week for outdoor enthusiasts. Some public lands have now opened up for hiking, boating, and fishing (with safety guidelines), and more will follow soon. However, the new coronavirus hasn’t gone anywhere, so maintaining physical distance from one another is still crucial. Plus, we’re being asked to stay as close […]

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COVID-19: Northwest Public Lands are Re-Opening

UPDATED: May 22, 2020 Have your hiking boots been sitting beside the front door, collecting dust? How about your fishing pole, binoculars, kite and canoe paddle? The coronavirus put spring outdoor adventure on hold for months, and most of us have been sheltering in place. Now, thanks to our collective diligence and determination to put […]

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COVID-19: How to Explore Nature Without Leaving Your Neighborhood

It’s not overstating things to say we are living through a really weird time right now. All of us, in different ways, are spending our days in ways we were not just a month ago. If you’re a front-line health care worker you’re risking your own wellness every day to save lives of people afflicted […]

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National Parks Fee-Free Days for 2021

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On a budget?  Our National Parks offer free admission days for 2021. Mark your calendars! Free U.S. National Park Admission Days for 2021 January 18: Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. April 17: First day of National Park Week August 4: One year anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act August 25: National Park Service […]

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Where to Find Snow Right Now (and How to Play In It)

For the powder heads among us, last winter was glorious. Across the lowlands of Puget Sound one February morning we awoke to an uncommon sight–snow flurries cascading from the sky, and there was enough to stick. And it kept snowing, then snowing some more. With school cancelled for days, happy kids went sledding at Seattle’s […]

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Northwest Bookshelf: Exploring Northwest Nature with Kids

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  As a kid born in the 1970’s, my own childhood was free-range and mostly outside. Or rather, those are the vivid memories I have—on a bike, digging in the dirt, or playing with our dog in the park near my house. The reality is more mixed. We had cable TV and a Nintendo, and […]

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CAMP & HIKE: Icicle Creek Canyon

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The Icicle Creek Canyon may be a tad far away to be Seattle’s outdoor playground (five to six hours of drive time, round-trip) but for many Central Puget Sound hikers and rock climbers, it is anyway. Simply put, it’s totally worth the drive. There was a particular feeling I got the first time I hiked […]

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CAMP & HIKE: Cape Lookout State Park on the Oregon Coast

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On the craggy Oregon Coast, a “headland” is a giant chunk of rock that juts out into the ocean, formed over millennia from volcanic lava flows followed by constant water erosion. Some of the larger ones are called “capes”. The coast is dotted with them, all up and down from Indian Point to Cape Ferrelo. […]

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