Another Reason to Vacation in the Northwest this Summer

by Lauren Braden on May 19, 2008

in Northwest Cheapsleeps

This summer, buying an airline ticket will be no holiday. The cost of flying is going up, up, up.

Higher fuel costs are driving base fares higher, but that’s not the only place you’ll feel the squeeze. Carrying your small dog on the plane with you? It could cost you $100 each way. Is your kid flying alone? Expect a hefty fee, like around $150 round-trip. Flying to Europe? Better budget in a $300 fuel surcharge on top of the price of your ticket.

It’s yet another very compelling reason to plan your summer vacation right here in the Pacific Northwest, where you can drive, bus, ferry or take a train to your much-closer destination. (See these gas-saving tips if you opt for driving.)

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