Tips for Saving Gas on your Next Road Trip

SMART TRAVEL TIPS: Save Gas on your Summer Road Trip

Just when you thought gas prices wouldn’t go any higher, they have. I filled up our Volvo wagon yesterday for the first time in weeks and the gas was $3.24 per gallon. Ouch. Several years back, my husband and I made the climate-friendly decision to cut down on our air travel and reduce our greenhouse […]

How to Get Your Passport

“I’ve been to Seattle once. Let’s see, that must’ve been 1967.” I was freezing cold, waiting for a drip coffee at one of the smallest ferry terminals I’d ever seen. The kind man speaking to me looked like a fisherman, and he was not cold. Unlike me in my leggings and thin jacket, he was […]

Vacationing Close to Home – Officially a Trend

Is your family staying in the Pacific Northwest for vacation this summer? You are not alone. In fact, nationwide, you are now officially part of a growing travel trend. The New York Times’ travel section writes that summer’s best deals are close to home. The American family’s summer vacation to Europe, which in recent years […]

Another Reason to Vacation in the Northwest this Summer

This summer, buying an airline ticket will be no holiday. The cost of flying is going up, up, up. Higher fuel costs are driving base fares higher, but that’s not the only place you’ll feel the squeeze. Carrying your small dog on the plane with you? It could cost you $100 each way. Is your […]

Finding Cheap Sleeps: Advice for Travelers on a Budget

$280 a night. Really? I’ve been looking for an inexpensive room on Orcas Island for a weekend trip this June. In-room Jacuzzis and balconies overlooking the water are great! Sure, I’d love to stay in a room like that. But I’m just not on a budget for that kind of lodging. When we travel, we […]

An Auto Club with Values

Traveling often requires a car. And when you drive to the Oregon Coast or to go camping at Mount Rainier, you’re hoping your car doesn’t break down on the way, right? Maybe you’re already a member of an auto club, such as AAA, who will come and change your flat tire, give you discounts on […]