Tide Pool Party: Where to Spot Cool Marine Life Near Seattle

Tide Pool Party: Where to Spot Cool Marine Life Near Seattle

  Grab your rubber boots and low tide field guide–there are some fantastic minus tides in Puget Sound this summer! There are a few things in life that you can rely on with absolute certainty. One of those is the rhythm of the sea. Twice a day, the tide will come in (high tide!) and […]

Day Trip: U-Pick Berry Farms Near Seattle and Portland

Day Trip: U-Pick Berry Farms Near Seattle and Portland

Summer is berry season in the Pacific Northwest! And we happen to have the perfect climate for growing very tasty raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, nurtured to maturity in rich volcanic soils and plumped to juicy ripeness in the warm but not too hot sun. If you don’t have your own berry patch, head to […]

Northwest Bucket List: August

Northwest Bucket List: August

When you’re a hiker and it’s August, the days are just packed. Blooming wildflowers carpet alpine meadows of nearly every peak in the Cascades and Olympics, and their window of peak beauty is only open for a few weeks. But it’s not just trails of the high country competing for attention on your days off. […]

Hold the S’mores! Campfire Restrictions in the Northwest – 2018

Hold the S'mores! Campfire Restrictions for 2018

Taking a camping trip this weekend?  Pack your gear using our handy Car Camping Checklist and you won’t forget anything, ever.   UPDATED July 27 2018 Going camping? It’s dry out there. There are lots of campfire restrictions in place. In fact, 2018 marks the sixth summer in a row that has seen restrictions on campfires in the Northwest. […]

Northwest Bucket List for July

Northwest Bucket List: JULY

When I was a kid, we always had lots of sparklers. I couldn’t imagine a 4th of July without them. But we set off loud, dangerous things, too. Bottle rockets and cherry bombs and black cats. One year my brother and I pooled our cash for a roman candle, and we were so excited to […]

Northwest Bucket List for June

Summer is just around the corner now. Are you feeling it yet? For me, I feel it the first warm evening we go out for ice cream after dinner, to my son’s favorite double-scoop shop in West Seattle, Husky Deli. As I type this, wearing a wool jumper, I think we’re not there quite yet. […]

Northwest Nostalgia: Drive-In Theatres

What’s the ultimate summer date night on the cheap? A drive-in movie! Don’t put it off anymore. Go this summer. It seems that with each passing year, another drive-in movie theatre in the Northwest closes for good (the most recent victim is the beloved Valley 6 Drive-In in Auburn, Washington). And with movie studios planning to end the […]

The Pacific Northwest Summer Bucket List

It’s summertime, and the living is easy… I read there are more than 25,000 recordings of Summertime. My favorite is the 1964 recording by The Zombies, in part because it’s a damn good version, and because it conjures early summer in the Pacific Northwest at a time when the mountains, the water, the ocean-kissed air were all […]