Stay and Play: Mount Baker Farm on Orcas Island

Stay and Play: Mt Baker Farm on Orcas Island

It’s not too late to plan a summertime visit to Orcas Island!  Dramatic coastline, mountain lakes, pastoral farmland and quaint island villages are calling your name.  And in the middle of it all is a wonderful new place to stay. Presented to our readers by Heather Wallace on behalf of Mt. Baker Farm. There are […]

Quick Escape: Family Jaunt to San Juan Island

Lopez, Shaw, Orcas, San Juan… for many Pacific Northwesterners, these words are synonymous with one thing: vacation! Of the four San Juan Islands reachable by ferry, San Juan Island is my favorite easy family getaway. It’s definitely the easiest island to escape to sans car. The ferry drops you off in the town of Friday […]

CAMP & HIKE: Moran State Park on Orcas Island

No reservations? No problem. Get our FREE GUIDE to Last-Minute Camping in the Pacific Northwest. Orcas Island is a beautiful patchwork of lush farmland, rolling hills and gorgeous coastline–a whole lot like its sister islands in the San Juan archipelago. One thing that undeniably sets it apart from the others, though, is Moran State Park–5,200 acres in […]

GO: Iceberg Point on Lopez Island

Location: Very southern tip of Lopez Island on the southwest side. Access is via nearby Agate Beach County Park, which has parking available. The solitude you’re likely to find on Iceberg Point says nothing about the beauty of the place, because if that were well known this gem would be crawling with people. As it is, Iceberg Point […]

HIKE & CAMP: Obstruction Pass State Park on Orcas Island

Location: Southeast corner of Orcas Island, Washington. If ever there was a downside to beautiful Orcas Island, it is the dearth of public saltwater beaches. For this reason alone, we generally prefer San Juan and Lopez over Orcas when we want quality beach time. But now, we know about Obstruction Pass State Park! This 80-acre waterfront parcel just past […]

CAMP & HIKE: Spencer Spit State Park on Lopez Island

While it’s a bit of a toss-up which of Lopez Island’s two laid-back waterfront campgrounds nudge above the other in greatness, I’ll go with Spencer Spit State Park just for the setting. Gosh, it is beautiful there. This state park sits on the northeast corner of the island on a sand spit that encloses a picturesque lagoon. […]

Q: Where to Go Whale Watching in Washington?

Dear TripFinder, We’ve lived in Seattle for two years now and have yet to see an orca whale. How can we see one? Thanks! -Selma in Seattle Dear Selma, My first glimpse of an orca in Puget Sound was a chance sighting from a ferryboat crossing from Mukilteo to Whidbey Island. Note the word chance. […]

Cascade Loop North Heritage Audio Tour

Deepen your experiences traveling in the Pacific Northwest though Heritage Audio Tours, created by the non-profit Northwest Heritage Resources. In these dynamic audio guides, you’ll hear directly from local residents–artisans, tradition-bearers, musicians and more–in their own words and music. The rich cultural heritage of towns and regions across the Pacific Northwest come to life for […]

Giveaway: Kayak Tour in the San Juan Islands

When you’re nestled into a closed-top sea kayak, you sit low in the hull. You’re not on top of the water as much as you’re in it. Secure in your seat, your legs are slightly bent and your feet are braced against the pedals. Covering your legs and torso is a waterproof spray skirt, which […]

Q: In what order should we visit the San Juan Islands?

We know you have questions, so here’s the deal: You ask, we’ll answer. Sweet, huh? Whatever your Northwest travel inquiry, we will put on our concierge hats and try our best to answer you. Ask your question any time here; we will answer questions on Mondays. Dear TripFinder, We’re planning a trip to the San Juan Islands this […]