Cascade Loop North Heritage Audio Tour

Deepen your experiences traveling in the Pacific Northwest though Heritage Audio Tours, created by the non-profit Northwest Heritage Resources. In these dynamic audio guides, you’ll hear directly from local residents–artisans, tradition-bearers, musicians and more–in their own words and music. The rich cultural heritage of towns and regions across the Pacific Northwest come to life for […]

Colonial Creek Campground, North Cascades National Park

Camp along the shores of blue-green Diablo Lake under the looming, glaciated crags of nearby peaks. Several trails leave right from the campground, including a climb to the top of Thunder Knob, or a stroll along beautiful Thunder Creek. I can’t think of a better campground for families on a summer weekend; there’s an amphitheater […]

Riding the Rails in Snoqualmie

A friend of mine named JG used to ride the rails. JG finished up his college years in a sleepy Midwestern town, then wondered what was next. His fellow students were settling into new lives in Chicago and Minneapolis, starting their climb from the bottom of the corporate ladder. But that wasn’t the life for JG. He had […]

Rafting Through the Wild Sky

Have you ever wanted to try something new, fun, and maybe just a little bit dangerous? Guest blogger Kindra Ramos of Everett takes us on a wild ride down the tumbling Skykomish River in Washington’s Central Cascades. Kindra is the Engagement Manager at Washington Trails Association a retired Jet City Rollergirl. Desperate to break routine, […]

Mrs. Anderson’s Lodging House

In a town with few budget options, the affordable Mrs. Anderson’s Guest House stands out for its warm hospitality and Victorian charm.

Cozy Cabins on a Budget at Grace Haven

I have cabin fever. No, not that kind-the other kind. The kind where you’re crazy for cabins.  I’m crazy for cabins – cedar walls, steaming cups of cocoa, cozy fires, wool blankets. Love them.  First, I told you about staying at my friend’s cabin in Winthrop. But we couldn’t stop there. No, there was another. […]

North Cascades Institute’s BASE CAMP

My sweet son Isaac is almost two, and already his curiosity about nature is blooming.  He can pick out a doug fir among cedars. He can identify four varieties of native ferns, and “waterfall” is one of his favorite words. And so last week, we decided it was time to introduce him to our North […]

Eagles and Buffalo in the North Cascades

The upper Skagit River Valley in northwestern Washington is home to the western half of the North Cascades Highway, possibly the most scenic drive in the Northwest. It transects the rugged, craggy North Cascades mountain range as it climbs and dips its way east, and then drops and opens into the Methow Valley on the […]

Geotourism Arrives in the Central Cascades

Have you heard of “geotourism?” I first heard the term directly from Sheila Buckmaster, senior editor at National Geographic Traveler magazine, when I served on a panel alongside her in 2007. I remember scribbling the term in my notebook and thinking – that’s what we need in Washington! Geotourism is defined as a form of […]

Lake Chelan is Calling

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately. My goal is to post once a week, and it’s been three since I last posted. And although I would love to say it’s because I’ve been chillaxin in some remote corner of the Pacific Northwest with no internet access in site, that would be a […]