Razor Clamming Season Begins on the Washington Coast

To learn all about razor clamming, including what equipment and license you need and how to use the gear to dig for clams, check out Northwest TripFinder’s Guide to Razor Clamming. Get out your clamming tube! This year may just be a record razor clam season at some Washington state beaches.   Digging days and evening low […]

CAMP: Kalaloch Campground, Olympic National Park

Driftwood Beach in Olympic National Park

The National Park Lodge of the same name, sweet as it is, will set you back a wad of cash. Just up the coast Highway 101, though, is Kalaloch Campground, set on a spectacular bluff overlooking the ocean. It’s nestled atop one of the most accessible stretches of Olympic National Park’s 73 miles of wild coastline. Some […]

Trip Guide: The North Beach of the Washington Coast

Pack up the beach chairs and clam bucket, but leave that to-do list at home. Head to the hidden stretch of Washington’s coast known as the “North Beach” for sandcastles, stormwatching and solitude. The sand stretches for miles in this less-visited coastal treasure. Like Ocean Shores, cars are permitted to drive right on the beach in some […]

Trip Guide: Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula

It’s not all go-carts and saltwater taffy in this quintessential beach town, though there’s plenty of that to keep beach lovers happy. From cranberries to Lewis and Clark, the region’s cultural heritage is everywhere. And with miles of trails and wild beaches to explore, opportunities to immerse yourself in nature are abundant as well. The […]

Best Spots for Storm Watching in Washington State

Imagine you’re watching  a 30-foot ocean swell pound itself against a basalt headland while you sip scotch from your plush recliner, safely behind double-pane glass. Outside, it’s raining horizontally. Winds are topping 60 mph, howling off the ocean and bringing the spray of salt along for the ride. And you are warm and dry and just […]

Twilight Getaway in Forks

They are coming in droves! I haven’t read the books. Nor have I seen the movies. But if there’s one thing about the Twilight saga that makes me really happy, it’s that the masses are descending on Forks. This town needed a New Moon, no? Washington state’s coastal communities are backdropped by some of the […]

The Longest Beach

A reader asked for a recommendation for an affordable place to stay in Long Beach, Washington. I remember my first visit to Long Beach many years ago. As a hiker and nature lover, I like my coastal visits to be wild and scenic. The Long Beach Peninsula has plenty of those characteristics, from Cape Disappointment […]

Flock to See Shorebirds in Grays Harbor

It’s hardly a secret that I’m a bird nerd. In fact, I hold a locally-esteemed title, “Master Birder,” obtained after a year of study and classes with Seattle Audubon where I learned such things as the paritization habits of the female Redhead duck and how to definitively tell a Lesser Yellowlegs from a Greater Yellowlegs. […]

GO: The Yurts at Cape Disappointment

Update: Prices below have been updated for 2015. Where can you stay on the Washington state coast for under $70 a night? Ok, besides your tent! Cape Disappointment is a fabulous Washington State Park at the south end of the Long Beach Peninsula, situated where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. Its location is […]