Salmon, oysters, cranberries, hazelnuts, apples, cider, wine, chanterelles and huckleberries… Pacific Northwest locavores like myself are spoiled rotten with yummy locally-sourced things to eat. And here are some ideas for how you can spoil your favorite locavore even more this holiday season. But first, what the heck is a “locavore,” you ask? Here’s a hint: […]

Gifts for Intrepid Pacific Northwesterners

The holidays are upon us. Whether you give lots of gifts this time of year or spread your generosity across the seasons, you might find yourself stumped over choosing the perfect present for the local traveler in your life. Here’s a little guide to some of our favorite things for local travelers this year. Whether your […]

Patagonia Offers Free Holiday Shipping

I was browsing this morning, looking for a replacement for the fleece hat I lost to the Pacific Ocean on a windy day. They don’t make the exact same hat that I lost, which is a bummer because it was the best hat I’ve ever owned. However, they have plenty of other great products and deals […]

Trips You Can Gift

I like to joke that we live in a cracker box house. We have just enough living space for our small family in our Seattle abode, but we don’t have a garage or basement. Some things don’t fit anywhere – like our vacuum, for instance. It doesn’t have a dedicated “place” that it’s stored when […]

Holiday Gift Guide from Northwest TripFinder

In between the recent torrential rain and fierce gusts of wind in the Pacific Northwest, we might find a few moments to do a little holiday baking or crafting. Or we might choose to relish these short, dark days in a different way, with family or a book by a warm fire. But one thing […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

I used to be an awesome gift-giver: homemade sea salt blends, hand-knit scarves, custom-printed stationary. I can see my friends and family nodding their heads right now – “yep, you sure did!” (the operative word being did.) The thing is, I’m a parent now with a job, housework, and virtually no free time. And so, my […]