Where in the Northwest to Sip some Holiday Cheer

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A sip of homemade eggnog, a shake of sleigh bells and even the soggiest Seattle day transforms into a winter wonderland. The essential word of course is homemade, as no amount of good bourbon can rescue the syrupy milk you buy in a carton at the store! I’ve whipped up homemade eggnog using Martha Stewart’s […]

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Day Trip: Escape to Jetty Island near Everett

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Set sail on a free ferry boat. Spend the day on a wide sandy beach. Build sandcastles. Unplug. Have fun.   If the ferry lines to nearby escapes like the San Juan Islands have you staying close to home on perfect summer days, there’s a little escape you need to know about. It’s called Jetty Island and […]

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Q: Old Growth Hikes Near Seattle?

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Dear TripFinder, My son is only five and he is already obsessed with forest ecosystems. He can identify several trees, mosses and ferns! I’d love to take him on some local hikes through old-growth forests. Can you recommend some old-growth hikes near Seattle? -Lara in Seattle Dear Lara, I remember the first time I hiked […]

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GO: Spencer Island Refuge in Everett

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Looking for an easy day trip from Seattle that’ll get you up close and personal with wildlife? Go north, to Spencer Island. Whatever the weather, this short hike combines nature with fun. The Snohomish River near Everett splits here and braids there, creating a tangled estuary. Over time, the brackish waters have been diked and […]

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Winter at Golden Gardens Park

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Ten years ago, when I lived in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, I was in between things. In between relationships. In between apartments I actually liked. At the end of one job and the beginning of another. In between the earth and the sky.   That’s just how I feel when I walk at Golden Gardens Park in Ballard this time of year. In […]

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Street Entertainment at Pike Place Market

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At Seattle’s Pike Place Market, we all know that fish get thrown down the hallway. But the best action happens out on the sidewalks. The sidewalk musicians are called “buskers,” an English term meaning street performers. A busker might be a juggler, puppeteer, musician, or mime, or may combine a few of these entertaining activities as […]

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The Best Macarons in the Northwest

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Currant Pistachio. Salted Caramel. Fleur de sel! Where do you find the most elegant and flavorful French macarons outside of Paris? In the Pacific Northwest! These colorful little gems are popping up at bakeries throughout Seattle and Portland.  When I happen upon a new bakery that specializes in French pastries, I always sample their macarons. In the Northwest, […]

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5 Great (and Cheap) Northwest Dates

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It is almost February 14, also known as Valentines Day where sweethearts everywhere exchange symbols of their affection, from heart-shaped boxes of chocolates to richly-embellished cards. And that’s all before noon. When the sun goes down hand-holding over fancy dinners will commence, perhaps followed by a little nooky by candlelight for the lucky ones. A traditional […]

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Seattle’s Lunar New Year Celebration

It’s the Year of the Snake. My friend Shane Farnor captured this lion dancing in Seattle’s Chinatown/International District as part of the Lunar New Year Festival this past weekend, along with plenty of kung fu, firecrackers, and lanterns.  

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Fishing in the City

Perhaps you’ve seen them fishing off the pier along Ruston Way in Tacoma, or casting from the beach in West Seattle. Have you wondered what those people are fishing for? That depends on the season. And of course, the time of day. This coming August we’ll host a run of pink salmon in Puget Sound. They surge into our […]

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