DAY TRIP: Escape to Jetty Island near Everett

Set sail on a free ferry boat. Spend the day on a wide sandy beach. Build sandcastles. Unplug. Have fun.   If the ferry lines to nearby escapes like the San Juan Islands have you staying close to home on perfect summer days, there’s a little escape you need to know about. It’s called Jetty Island and […]

Almost Alone at Lake Wenatchee

This past weekend, we drove across the crest to see some Cascadian beauty. Just a few miles off Highway 2 east of Stevens Pass, you get out of your car and while standing in the parking lot, you see this. Of course in the summertime, this scene looks very different. Think bathing suits and pedal […]

Winter at Golden Gardens Park

Ten years ago, when I lived in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, I was in between things. In between relationships. In between apartments I actually liked. At the end of one job and the beginning of another. In between the earth and the sky.   That’s just how I feel when I walk at Golden Gardens Park in Ballard this time of year. In […]

GO: Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

If ever you have needed a heavy dose of scenery, this place will deliver. It’s one of the Oregon Coast’s top attractions for a number of reasons, and its rugged, beautiful scenery tops the list. The Cape Perpetua Scenic Area is over 2700 acres in size and sits just two miles south of the awesome […]

GO: Picnic Point Park, a Scenic Beach Escape on Puget Sound

The waterfront retreat known as Picnic Point Park is aptly-named; come on a sunny day or a clear evening near sunset and you’re going to spot plenty of couples on blankets with picnic baskets. It’s just a perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous. And at low tide, it’s the perfect spot for beach-combing. Set on the […]

GO: Fort Ward Park on Bainbridge Island

Location: Southern tip of Bainbridge Island. Fort Ward Park is still thought by many as a Washington State Park, but it isn’t; in 2001 the land was transferred to the Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District. The park is open to the public and does not require a user fee. It’s new management is the latest in its long history […]

GO: Iceberg Point on Lopez Island

Location: Very southern tip of Lopez Island on the southwest side. Access is via nearby Agate Beach County Park, which has parking available. The solitude you’re likely to find on Iceberg Point says nothing about the beauty of the place, because if that were well known this gem would be crawling with people. As it is, Iceberg Point […]

Green Lake – Seattle’s Best Walk

Sometimes, the richest memories in life are formed in the most mundane of activities. Like walking. For years, Seattle’s Green Lake Park was my happy place. It still is, really, though I live in West Seattle now and get up to the north end of the city far less often than I should. For a long time, […]