Northwest Bookshelf: Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle

It’s no big secret that I’m not from Seattle. I let loose a y’all now and again, and I still mispronounce “Yakima,” ending it with a muh instead of a maw. These are common Midwestern transplant missteps. But after 15 years here, the lines are blurring. Just the other day, while noshing on some grilled sea scallops over […]

Travels with Terry

There is a Northwest travel blog that you must check out. Really. In fact, you should bookmark it right now. Terry Richard is an outdoors and travel writer for the Oregonian newspaper, and writes a regular blog called Travels with Terry. From fly-fishing to wine tasting to spa-hopping, Terry knows where the best red is, […]

Searching for Hotel Bargains on the Web

You may land the best lodging bargain in the Pacific Northwest these days where you least expect to find one –at nice downtown hotels. Carol Pucci’s article in the Seattle Times this week, Travel slump hits home, but bargains await, was an eye-opener on just how bad things have become for the tourist-dependent hotel industry […]

New Website for Washington Tourism

Remember “Say WA,” the Washington state tourism slogan unveiled a few years back? I know, I know… who could forget? Those two jazzy words strung together were going to drive vacationers by the tens of thousands to visit the state. Brilliant, wasn’t it? Actually, it was a big FAIL. So, what’s the latest marketing move […]

Savvy Travelers Share their Thrifty Tips

  I don’t know about you, but my wallet is weighing a bit lighter these days. Lattes have been downgraded to drip coffee, I haven’t had good sushi in months, and my husband is wondering why we aren’t buying the organic bananas anymore (I smartly figured the peel protects the fruit of a banana from […]

Yurts and Cabins are All the Rage

I just finished perusing Northwest newspapers and travel blogs for early fall destinations and travel ideas. It seems that everyone is talking about yurts and cabins! The Seattle P-I this week ran a story from the Medford Mail Tribune on Oregon yurts: Yurts prove to be a boon for campers at Oregon state parks, highlighting […]

Portland Monthly: a bit out of touch?

The September issue of Portland Monthly magazine has an intriguing cover story featuring fall weekend getaways – 14 destinations on just one tank of gas. With gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon, this seems like a pretty smart feature for folks like us who love to travel regionally –on a budget. I flipped through […]