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Q: Good Day Trips with Kids near Seattle?

Dear TripFinder, Can you recommend a fun, inexpensive day trip I could take with my 9 year old son? We’ve done whale-watching and hiking (but wouldn’t turn down a good trail). Thank you. Ann from Edmonds, Washington Dear Ann, Yes! I’m in the same boat, or canoe as it were! (no pun intended, see below). […]

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Northwest Getaway: The South Shore of Hood Canal

It’s barely noon when we pull into the tiny town of Union, one of a handful of communities that dot the south shore of Washington’s Hood Canal. Above us, periwinkle sky is peeking through clouds, and across the glacier-carved fjord sit snow-capped Olympic mountains. If Union has one thing going for it, it has location. […]

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Riding the Rails in Snoqualmie

A friend of mine named JG used to ride the rails. JG finished up his college years in a sleepy Midwestern town, then wondered what was next. His fellow students were settling into new lives in Chicago and Minneapolis, starting their climb from the bottom of the corporate ladder. But that wasn’t the life for JG. He had […]

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North Cascades Institute’s BASE CAMP

My sweet son Isaac is almost two, and already his curiosity about nature is blooming.  He can pick out a doug fir among cedars. He can identify four varieties of native ferns, and “waterfall” is one of his favorite words. And so last week, we decided it was time to introduce him to our North […]

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Wine, Hops, and a Baby in Yakima

When I had a baby last year, there were a few revelations that went through my head about how our life as a carefree traveling couple had suddenly changed. For example, those lazy days of tasting our way through wine country were probably over. Not so! Meet Jodie and James, an Australian couple living in […]

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