Win a Tour of Mt. Rainier Glaciers and Waterfalls

by Lauren Braden on December 3, 2011

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Can travel change the world? I know travel has changed my world. And now there’s a way for travelers to give back.

Passports With Purpose is a fundraiser put together by some pretty compassionate travel bloggers. In 2009, Passports with Purpose raised about $30,000 and built a school in Cambodia. Last year, the effort built a village in rural India. This year,  the goal is to build two libraries in Zambia. And YOU can be a part of this awesome effort!

Passports with Purpose 2011

Here’s how: you donate just $10 for a raffle entry for a prize of your choice (and the prizes are really good.) Donate another $10 and get another raffle entry. How awesome are these prizes? There are escape packages to Boston and Toronto. Loads of travel gear. Hotel stays from Vancouver to Mexico. Books and electronics. And more!

Your chances of winning get better the more raffle tickets you buy for each prize. You’ll also have a really good chance of winning a prize if you choose prizes that are more… local. (That’s a hint.)

I’m so excited that Northwest TripFinder is again participating in Passports with Purpose, and of course we’re presenting a terrific prize. How would you like to be the lucky winner of a guided tour of Mt. Rainier to see glaciers, wildlife and waterfalls with Evergreen Escapes, valued at $390?  I sure would, but I’m not eligible to win my own prize. You are, though! To donate your $10 and choose your prize, go here now. The Evergreen Escapes Mt. Rainier tour prize is listed under “Tours.”

Hurry! You only have until December 16, 2011 to buy raffle tickets. Winners will be chosen at random and announced before Christmas day. All donations are U.S. tax-deductible.

About the Evergreen Escapes Tour of Mt. Rainier

Cupped between the jagged Olympic Mountains to the west and the volcanic peaks of the Cascade Range to the east we head for the tallest peak of them all, Mount Rainier, standing at 14,411 feet. This escape offers ample opportunities for adventure, exploration, learning, and just plain having fun! The “mountain” is an active volcano encased in over 35 square miles of snow and ice, surrounded by old growth forest and stunning wildflower meadows. Old and new growth forests, lakes, waterfalls and river valleys connected to Glaciers are just a few of the sights we will see. We will take out the binoculars and spot for birds and wildlife, marmots, coyotes, elk, deer, fox and black bear roam the mountainside. Your naturalist mountain guide will lead you out on a short snowshoe trek along the Nisqually Vista trail or possibly something a little more challenging. Remember to take a photo, but also make sure to take a deep breath of fresh alpine air, bask in the moment and soak up the dramatic scenery. We will end our escape by descending down the road to where the parks roots began in Longmire. Keep your eyes peeled for deer in the meadows making their late afternoon journey to the rivers edge. Dates are subject to availability. Restrictions apply. Certificate is good for one year. All costs are included.

 Donate $10 to enter the raffle for this prize. The more you donate, the greater your chances of winning!

Thanks so much to Evergreen Escapes for this generous donation to Passports with Purpose!  Thanks also to the wonderful organizers of Passports with Purpose, Seattle-based travel bloggers NerdsEyeView, DeliciousBaby, Wanderlust and Lipstick, and WanderMom.

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