Nine Romantic Northwest Getaways

Nine Unique and Affordable Romantic Getaways in the Pacific Northwest

Valentines Day. Three-day weekends. Anniversaries. The year is full of opportunities to woo your sweetheart with the romance of the Pacific Northwest! A romantic getaway doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Make any weekend special and romantic on one of these dreamy, affordable getaways in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. How to Make a Cheap Getaway […]

Weekend Escape: Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast 

One of the most stunningly scenic coastlines in the Northwest draws travelers to the Sunshine Coast’s sheltered bays fringed with fir-scented forests. Plus, the 100-mile coastline enjoys more sunny days than anywhere else in western British Columbia. The Sunshine Coast is the stretch of British Columbia’s mainland coast to the northwest of Vancouver. Sheltered from the Pacific […]

HIKE: Sunshine Coast Trail

When I was told about British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast Trail,  I was stunned. I work for a hiking organization in Washington state — how had I never heard of this incredible trek before, just a few hours to the north of the U.S. border? And so of course, I want to make sure you know all […]

A Kid-friendly Resort on BC’s Sunshine Coast

When we had our precious baby boy a few years back, I knew we were making a trade. Gone were the last-minute weekend getaways. Goodbye to lushy winery tours and long backpacking hikes. Our concept of “free time” changed dramatically in a few short months, and our priorities shifted more than a bit. The rewards, […]

A Night on the Lower Sunshine Coast

I know you all are planning your summer vacations already.  I keep an eye on my stats, you know! And lately, visitors to Northwest TripFinder are looking for beachside cabins, yurts and coastal getaways galore! I also know where you think you’re going.  The Oregon Coast comes up a lot. So does Long Beach, and […]