Day Trip: U-Pick Berry Farms Near Seattle and Portland

Day Trip: U-Pick Berry Farms Near Seattle and Portland

Summer is berry season in the Pacific Northwest! And we happen to have the perfect climate for growing very tasty raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, nurtured to maturity in rich volcanic soils and plumped to juicy ripeness in the warm but not too hot sun. If you don’t have your own berry patch, head to […]

Five Great Urban Paddles

One of the coolest things about living near the water? Getting out into it.   In much of the Pacific Northwest, our cities and neighborhoods are literally surrounded by sparkling bodies of water—rivers, small lakes, large lakes and even a big, beautiful saltwater sound. And while all this water is lovely to look at, it’s even […]

Where in the Northwest to Sip some Holiday Cheer

A sip of homemade eggnog, a shake of sleigh bells and even the soggiest Seattle day transforms into a winter wonderland. The essential word of course is homemade, as no amount of good bourbon can rescue the syrupy milk you buy in a carton at the store! I’ve whipped up homemade eggnog using Martha Stewart’s […]

Six Great Camping Getaways from Portland

We paired six fabulous campgrounds near Portland, Oregon with great nearby hiking trails and post-hike eateries. Keep your camping gear at-the-ready all summer long as you camp your way through these campgrounds near Portland, one sunny getaway at a time. And just so you can make a full trip out of your excursion, we’ve included […]

The Best Macarons in the Northwest

Currant Pistachio. Salted Caramel. Fleur de sel! Where do you find the most elegant and flavorful French macarons outside of Paris? In the Pacific Northwest! These colorful little gems are popping up at bakeries throughout Seattle and Portland.  When I happen upon a new bakery that specializes in French pastries, I always sample their macarons. In the Northwest, […]

5 Cheap, Great Dates in the Northwest Great Outdoors

It’s February, the month when sweethearts everywhere exchange symbols of their affection, from heart-shaped boxes of chocolates to richly-embellished cards. And that’s all before noon. When the sun goes down hand-holding over fancy dinners booked weeks in advance will commence, perhaps followed by a little nooky by candlelight for the lucky ones. A traditional Valentines Day […]

Ten Essentials for Surviving the Northwest Rain

Drip, drip, drip. In autumn, we wait for the inevitable. We wait, patiently, for the rain to come and stay. The days on end of grey. The constant puddles to dodge. And once winter is here, it’s here for days on end. Months, even. And then we wait, patiently, for the rain to end. The sun will […]

EAT: Portland’s Little Bird

Portland’s Bistro Petit Oiseau (Little Bird in french) has earned a plethora of raves, including the Oregonian’s restaurant of the year. The bistro, sister to chef Gabe Rucker’s LePigeon, prides itself on great wine and apertif cocktails, creative food and excellent service. And best of all, it is right downtown near all of Portland’s boutique hotels. Order […]

Q: Assigned seats on Amtrak?

Dear TripFinder, We’re taking Amtrak from Seattle to Portland. My friend will be boarding the train up in Bellingham, and I’ll be getting on the same one in Seattle. Is there any way we can sit together on our trip down to Portland? I’m uncertain about whether specific seats are allotted. Thank you, Marion Dear Marion, […]

I Took the Bolt Bus for $1

A few weeks ago, I awoke at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning. I packed a small overnight bag, got a lift to Seattle’s International District, and waited on a street corner. In my hand was a bus ticket that cost me a dollar. That’s right – $1.00. And then I boarded a […]