Marrowstone Island’s Cottages by the Sea

A long time ago, way back in 1792, Captain George Vancouver came to the Salish Sea. He “discovered,” he mapped, and he named a lot of things. Like Puget Sound. And Hood Canal (which he actually named “Hood Channel” because, well, it is a channel, but evidently his handwriting was a bit messy and it […]

Cidery Tour: Quimper Peninsula near Port Townsend

Cidery Tour: Quimper Peninsula and Port Townsend

There’s a centuries-old tradition of European cidermakers turning tart apples into hard cider, and over the past dozen years or so this craft has experienced a renaissance right here in the Pacific Northwest. To get a taste, you might find yourself driving down a winding gravel path through some woods, wondering just what you’ve gotten […]

Port Townsend Farmer’s Markets

cider tasting near Pt. Townsend

You have heard me go on and on about my adoration for farmer’s markets before. My friends will tell you that I drag them for miles off a previously-planned itinerary if I see a sign for one. But this past weekend, it was my friend Susan who spotted it first. We were on our way […]

Port Townsend Sleeps

Two cheap sleeps to recommend downtown Port Townsend. Both are in historic buildings, loaded with charm, and have screaming deals.