Olympics Cheap Eat: Burger Time at the Blackberry Cafe

In the blink and you’ll miss it town of Joyce, Washington, there’s a little diner worth your attention. Next time you find yourself on the North Olympic Peninsula, whether its for a camping trip to Salt Creek Recreation Area or a stay at the Lake Crescent Lodge, make a stop at the Blackberry Cafe.  You’ll […]

Tasting Hand-crafted Beer in Portland

Do you know the feeling? You sink down into a hand-hewn wooden booth at a Portland brewpub and before you is a piece of paper with about 127 different tap beers on it. And you’re supposed to actually decide? Well, sometimes, you don’t have to decide on just one beer. Go for the tasting flight. […]

Summer Syndrome

Many Pacific Northwesterners share a common summertime syndrome. It’s one of those yet-to-be-named disorders, but I have proof that it exists. You may even have it yourself. It is characterized by an overfull calendar of outdoor bbqs, gelato dates and weekend getaways.  You may notice that you suddenly have dozens of smoothie recipes lying around–far […]

7 Reasons to take an Oregon Road Trip

This weekend, we’re leaving for a weeklong road trip through western Oregon. Not only are we over the moon about the very idea of an actual vacation, I’m particularly excited about experiencing some of the awesomeness that western Oregon has to offer. On my twitter, I’ve been tweeting the top seven reasons I’m looking forward […]

Getting Around Vancouver on Foot Ferries

Vancouver. Those of us just  south of the border know how lucky we are to have this fabulous cosmopolitan city just a short drive or train ride away. Vancouver is chock full of favorite things-– fabulous ethnic restaurants on Denman, the Museum of Vancouver, Stanley Park, the Granville Island Public Market… just to name a […]

The Cheapest Sleep of All

Waterfront property for $17 a night! Behold, an MSR Hubba Hubba backpacking tent along the Bumping River at Cougar Flat Campground, just east of Mount Rainier National Park. (update 2013: this campground is sadly closed because of storm damage). Reserve your summer campsites soon. According to the Outdoor Industry Association, camping reservations for campsites on federal […]

It’s Tulip Time!

April is next week! Behold, Tulipa gesneriana. Tulips are fortunate to have many fine associations, such as early Spring and Easter. You’ve likely started to see them for sale at your local farmer’s market. They earned a black mark in history, however, when they were popularized during Tulip mania in Holland in the 1630s, resulting […]

Road Food

Road food. When you’re on the road, it’s what’s for dinner. Traveling in the Northwest isn’t just about yurts, inns, cabins and B&Bs. One must appreciate the many wonderful, one-of-a-kind cafes, taverns, taco carts and ice-cream parlors to enjoy along the way to your destination. The wide variety of food establishments benefits from the cornucopia […]

Canadian Brew

The Discovery Islands in British Columbia are a pretty wonderful place. Especially in the summer, and especially in a kayak. Relaxing on a dock after a long day in that kayak is nice, too. And if you can get your hands on some British Columbia microbrew, well then all the better. Here’s to memories of […]