Tide Pool Party: Where to Spot Cool Marine Life Near Seattle

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Grab your rubber boots and low tide field guide–there are some fantastic minus tides in Puget Sound this summer! There are a few things in life that you can rely on with absolute certainty. One of those is the rhythm of the sea. Twice a day, the tide will come in (high tide!) and twice […]

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COVID-19: How to Explore Nature Without Leaving Your Neighborhood

It’s not overstating things to say we are living through a really weird time right now. All of us, in different ways, are spending our days in ways we were not just a month ago. If you’re a front-line health care worker you’re risking your own wellness every day to save lives of people afflicted […]

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Northwest Bookshelf: Exploring Northwest Nature with Kids

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  As a kid born in the 1970’s, my own childhood was free-range and mostly outside. Or rather, those are the vivid memories I have—on a bike, digging in the dirt, or playing with our dog in the park near my house. The reality is more mixed. We had cable TV and a Nintendo, and […]

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Nature Notes: Name That Owl

Who, Who, Who are you? Even looked up to see two big brown eyes silently returning your gaze? Owls are more common than you might think, even in urban parks of the Pacific Northwest. This curious owl in the photo is a Barred Owl (notice the vertical bars of brown on its chest). These owls […]

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Bring Nature Inside with Good Nature Publishing’s Wall Posters

On a recent hike on the wet west slope of the North Cascades, I ambled along as fellow hikers zoomed past me to the summit. And in between admiring the subtle beauty of a Queen’s Cup and the showy flair of a Tiger Lily, I realized something. I don’t hike to bag peaks. If I […]

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North Cascades Institute’s BASE CAMP

My sweet son Isaac is almost two, and already his curiosity about nature is blooming.  He can pick out a doug fir among cedars. He can identify four varieties of native ferns, and “waterfall” is one of his favorite words. And so last week, we decided it was time to introduce him to our North […]

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