Scenes of Vancouver

My passport expires in 79 days.  Its stamps are sparse. There’s Belize, the trip for which I got the passport in the first place. And Costa Rica. A few from Mexico. And, of course, there’s Canada. I’ll get a new passport, surely. But I’m not done with this one just yet. It needs one more […]

7 Reasons to take an Oregon Road Trip

This weekend, we’re leaving for a weeklong road trip through western Oregon. Not only are we over the moon about the very idea of an actual vacation, I’m particularly excited about experiencing some of the awesomeness that western Oregon has to offer. On my twitter, I’ve been tweeting the top seven reasons I’m looking forward […]

It’s Tulip Time!

April is next week! Behold, Tulipa gesneriana. Tulips are fortunate to have many fine associations, such as early Spring and Easter. You’ve likely started to see them for sale at your local farmer’s market. They earned a black mark in history, however, when they were popularized during Tulip mania in Holland in the 1630s, resulting […]

Photo Friday: Granville Island Market

Granville Island’s Public Market in Vancouver is a fun place to get just a little bit lost. I always make sure I have plenty of cash in my pocket to get a little of everything… a tin of fine tea, a couple of crab cakes for dinner, fixings for a salad, a bouquet of fresh […]

Canadian Brew

The Discovery Islands in British Columbia are a pretty wonderful place. Especially in the summer, and especially in a kayak. Relaxing on a dock after a long day in that kayak is nice, too. And if you can get your hands on some British Columbia microbrew, well then all the better. Here’s to memories of […]