Scenes of Vancouver

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My passport expires in 79 days.  Its stamps are sparse. There’s Belize, the trip for which I got the passport in the first place. And Costa Rica. A few from Mexico. And, of course, there’s Canada.

Vancouver’s False Creek waterfront.

I’ll get a new passport, surely. But I’m not done with this one just yet. It needs one more stamp. So, I’ll soon cross the border and make a trip to the fab metropolis to the north.

A mid-century condo building in Vancouver.

Our last Vancouver trip was ages ago. 2007. Far too long.

Vancouver has hosted the Olympics since then. It’s grown up, a city changed forever. I cannot wait to take in its changes. I cannot wait to see what remains the same.

Flowers at the Granville Island Public Market.

Vancouver is lovely. Everybody says it, I know, but that’s because it’s true. There’s so much that’s right about this city,from its incredible (affordable) restaurants to its dense, walkable neighborhoods. Vancouver may very well be North America’s most “livable city.” But you don’t have to live in Vancouver to enjoy its natural beauty and urban wonderfulness. Just visit!

Biking in Stanley Park.

Now about that passport… you’ll need one. And so do we. We’re driving up to Vancouver in late November for a few days, then we’ll take a ferry to Vancouver Island for a few more days.

We can’t wait.

The famous steam clock in Gastown.

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2 Responses

  1. Vancouver is another place I’ve always wanted to visit. These shots make me want to visit there even more.
    We live right across the Detroit River from Windsor, Ontario…although, like you, it’s been quite a while since we’ve gone over to Canada.
    I did get the enhanced license last time I renewed my driver’s license, so I don’t need to drag my passport along to cross over via car…I’ve yet to use it, though.

  2. Love your shots and how you’ve gone monochromatic with them. Particularly #2, of the apartment building. It’s true, west end Van has all of those buildings (and I love their mid-mod madness) and I never think to photograph one.

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