Fishing in the City

Perhaps you’ve seen them fishing off the pier along Ruston Way in Tacoma, or casting from the beach in West Seattle. Have you wondered what those people are fishing for? That depends on the season. And of course, the time of day. This coming August we’ll host a run of pink salmon in Puget Sound. They surge into our […]

Feed the Salmon Babies at the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery

Plunk! Plunk! In one quick second, two small fistfuls of small brown pellets were hurled into a small pond where dozens of mid-sized brown trout scrambled to snag a tasty morsel. We were in Central Oregon near Camp Sherman on the Metolius River, where we’d stumbled upon an unlikely family-friendly destination–a state-run fish hatchery. Fish hatcheries are longtime residents on […]

Salmon Fishing in Seattle

Fishermen were lined up like the poles they held in their hands, neatly spaced apart along the shoreline. I was at Lincoln Park’s Point Williams in West Seattle, a stone’s throw from my house. Some chatter on twitter about a passing pod of orca whales is what coaxed me here on a Friday morning. The […]