Weekend Escape to Bellingham, Washington’s Indie City

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We city folks have it all. An instagram-worthy latte is a block away, there’s a farmers’ market in every neighborhood, and each weekend brings new museum exhibits or gallery openings. So why are so many of us urbanites keen to spend a weekend exploring the restaurants, museums, parks and galleries of another city? It’s fun […]

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STAY & PLAY: Mount Baker

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There are two kinds of Northwesterners – those who know about the awesomeness of Mount Baker, and those who don’t (yet). I’m about to put you in the first camp, and once you visit Baker for the first time you will go back, again and again. The Mount Baker Highway (Hwy 542) is a spur route that […]

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Bellingham, a City by the Sea

Last week we found ourselves weighing our intense need for a weekend getaway against taking a tantrum-throwing, teething toddler away from his home and routine. We drew curly straws, the weekend getaway won, and I was soon searching for a destination that was relatively close to Seattle with lots of fun things to do and […]

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