Five Great Urban Paddles

One of the coolest things about living near the water? Getting out into it.   In much of the Pacific Northwest, our cities and neighborhoods are literally surrounded by sparkling bodies of water—rivers, small lakes, large lakes and even a big, beautiful saltwater sound. And while all this water is lovely to look at, it’s even […]

Bellevue Trip Guide

Bellevue is having a coming of age moment. The construction cranes that littered the downtown skyline just a few years ago are gone. In their place are towering glass boxes that house the likes of Microsoft offices and luxury condos. You think Seattle has high-end shopping? Bellevue has higher end shopping. It’s called The Bravern if you […]

Bellevue Arts Museum

Bellevue might not be as you remember it. The construction cranes downtown are gone. Towering glass buildings house everything from Microsoft offices to luxury condos. Wide downtown sidewalks are filled with pedestrians of all ages. Small independent shops on Main Street are competing just fine with the Bell Square chains. And when you open your ears and listen, […]