Blowing Glass in Langley

Before I moved to the Northwest, I knew as much about glass blowing as I did about raising camels. Which is to say, nothing.

The Economics of Cheap Sleeps

“The last year has been painful,” a Seattle B&B owner recently told me. “I need more business.” I don’t doubt it. I’m traveling less, and I’m guessing a lot of others are, too. It’s too soon to tell if the Northwest’s travel slump will start to turn around this summer, but plenty of people are […]

Every City Should have a Bluebird Guesthouse

The following Trip Report is a guest post by Brian, my significant other. Thanks, Brian! I’m a transplant to the Pacific Northwest and I still have quite a bit of exploring to do in this lovely corner of the world. So when I heard from my old Chicago friend, Steve, that he was planning a […]