July 2008

Urban Bed and Breakfasts in Seattle and Portland

Try to find a place to stay in Seattle or Portland, besides a hostel, for under $100 a night. Just try. The good news is, city cheap sleeps are out there. The bad news? There are literally only a handful of them. There’s the White Eagle in Portland. Seattle’s College Inn. The Ace Hotel in […]

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Mount Rainier North – A Cheap Sleep and Three Day Hikes

Not everyone digs sleeping in a tent under the stars. And even those who do dig it might want a break from it every once in awhile. I recently got an email from Caroline, an avid hiker on her way to Washington state from Arizona who is looking for an inexpensive “basecamp” around lots of […]

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Vashon Island Trip Guide

The price of gas, pushing $4.50 a gallon, is now officially impacting our vacation travel. I imagine it is yours, too. We’re brainstorming places we can go for relaxing weekend excursions that require minimal mileage. As residents of West Seattle, the closest getaway we could come up with is only a short ferry ride away […]

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