Walk Among Giants at Cathedral Grove Provincial Park

Towering old-growth Douglas Firs pierced the sky above. We felt as if we’d stepped into an ancient grove of trees. In fact, we had, but we could still see our car parked just off the highway a short distance away. You might call it “nature express.” Tourists wizz right past this spot every year on […]

Tea Time in Victoria, BC

Everyone will tell you to take time and enjoy a real afternoon tea service when you visit Victoria, and I’m not going to say differently. I’m a tea girl–earl grey, quickly steeped, with a splash of cream. In fact, I think I’ll make myself some right now to enjoy while I write this. I’m also […]

Coombs Country Market: Everything but the Goats, Under One Roof

“You gotta make a stop at the Old Country Market in Coombs. They have goats up on the roof!” People kept telling me this, totally unsolicited. I suppose I looked the part of a lost tourist, driving in circles around central Vancouver Island in my beater Volvo with Washington plates. And of course there was that ever-present […]

GO: Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

A detour for a short hike at Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park is a must regardless if you plan to camp here or not. The upper and lower falls are reached via short hikes on well-maintained trails through old-growth Douglas fir and stunning arbutus trees. The falls cascade through a narrow gorge and are absolutely breathtaking. […]

CAMP: Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park

There’s definitely something special about Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park, but be warned– it’s special to a whole lot of people, so don’t expect solitude in the summer months! Come winter, though, you may have the place to yourselves, save for some hardy campers, dog walkers and a plethora of shorebirds. The park is just off […]

Countryside Christmas Rocks the Chemainus Theatre Festival

Countryside Christmas

When I left the Chemainus Theatre after seeing it’s new original play, Countryside Christmas, I couldn’t quell the spring in my step. It was as if I’d just spent a music and folly-filled Christmas Eve with my very own family. And I’ll bet that stirring of family holiday nostalgia is exactly what the playwrights are […]

The Chemainus Inn

The town of Chemainus on Vancouver Island is famed for it’s beautiful murals and professional Chemainus Theatre that puts on six shows a year. It’s only about an hour north of Victoria and 20 minutes south of Nanaimo, so it’s an easy stop if you’re touring the south end of the island.  And if your […]

Tasting with the Cows at Little Qualicum Cheeseworks

Have you tasted artisan cheese made from the milk of cows that are right there in front of you, frolicking in their fresh pasture? Well, I just have. It was at Little Qualicum Cheeseworks at Morningstar Farm on Vancouver Island, just outside the lovely seaside town of Qualicum Beach. It’s a short jaunt to the […]

Remembrance Day in Chemainus, BC

Lest We Forget. To find the Remembrance Day ceremony in Chemainus,  BC, we just followed the sound of bagpipes. At 10:45 am, warplanes roared overhead in formation. Soldiers began to take their places. People gathered for the ceremony (most of the town’s population, from the looks of it) mingled with veterans, some laden with medals, […]

Deluxe on a Budget Near Victoria’s Inner Harbor

Victoria’s Inner Harbor is a fun, bustling place to be. Small houseboats and big, fancy hotels line the harbor, backdropped by the striking Baroque revival Parliamentary buildings. Street strollers gather to watch mime artists or listen to bagpipers. The harbor itself, small as it is, hosts fishing boats, foot taxis and big ferry boats as they go to […]