Tips for Saving Gas on your Next Road Trip

SMART TRAVEL TIPS: Save Gas on your Summer Road Trip

Just when you thought gas prices wouldn’t go any higher, they have. I filled up our Volvo wagon yesterday for the first time in weeks and the gas was $3.24 per gallon. Ouch. Several years back, my husband and I made the climate-friendly decision to cut down on our air travel and reduce our greenhouse […]

Trips You Can Gift

I like to joke that we live in a cracker box house. We have just enough living space for our small family in our Seattle abode, but we don’t have a garage or basement. Some things don’t fit anywhere – like our vacuum, for instance. It doesn’t have a dedicated “place” that it’s stored when […]

Local Travel is Greener Travel

This past weekend I attended Green Festival in Seattle, a huge environmental expo featuring authors and educators, how-to workshops, and eco-friendly businesses and resources. The organic food was fabulous, I learned all about compact fluorescent bulbs, and was inspired to try a hemp chocolate shake. Yum! It also got me to thinking about travel and […]