Bellevue Arts Museum

Bellevue might not be as you remember it. The construction cranes downtown are gone. Towering glass buildings house everything from Microsoft offices to luxury condos. Wide downtown sidewalks are filled with pedestrians of all ages. Small independent shops on Main Street are competing just fine with the Bell Square chains. And when you open your ears and listen, […]

GO: Websters Woods in Port Angeles

Our Pacific Northwest forests are a work of art. I am stunned by the beauty of cedars draped whimsically in chartreuse moss, or when I see sun-dappled ferns carpet a forest floor. One Pacific Northwest swath of woods takes the concept of art a giant step further. Take an enchanting hike through Webster’s Woods, an […]

Blowing Glass in Langley

Before I moved to the Northwest, I knew as much about glass blowing as I did about raising camels. Which is to say, nothing.