NEWS: Fall Hikes, Rainy Rainforest

by Lauren Braden on September 30, 2011

in Travel Tips & Trends

Psst…. get our premier guide to fall travel – Autumn Escapes in the Pacific Northwest. Get inspired to spend your fall weekends combing rocky beaches, savoring the harvest, and hiking scenic mountain trails of Washington and Oregon. Get it here.

Are your vine maple leaves turning color yet?

red vine maple in Seattle

My calendar says that tomorrow is October 1. Autumn will soon to be everywhere in the Pacific Northwest, but it will be fleeting. After all, November is Seattle’s rainiest month. So let’s make the most of this bountiful season, shall we?

Here’s what caught my eye in local travel this week:

1. Oregon Fall Foliage has its own twitter account. And why not? Big leaf maples are people too, you know. If twitter isn’t your thang, keep up on the yellowing oak leaves of Albany and the fiery huckleberries of the Cascades on this Oregon Fall Foliage website.

2. Speaking of autumn foliage, my favorite organization Washington Trails Association offers up these ten stunning hikes for fall color. From golden larches at Lake Ann to red hucks on Granite Mountain, you’ll get plenty of great shots to enter into WTA’s Northwest Exposure Photo Contest (submission deadline is October 10). Don’t forget to pack some extra caution into your backpack along with your camera, though – here are five safety tips for fall hiking.

3. Imagine the intense beauty of the Hoh Rainforest. Now, imagine it in autumn. That’s when Tan Vinh says the Hoh comes alive–with elk, with the “poetry” of falling leaves, with the drip, drip, drip that makes this place so magical. The tourists are gone, the salmon are running, and the rain is pouring. Plan your fall trip to the Hoh soon, and don’t forget your parka!

4. What is sustainable travel, and why should you care? Find out at next week’s GREEN TRAVEL ROAD SHOW in Seattle (Oct 6-7 at the Pan Pacific Hotel). Well hear about the concept of “ecopreneuring” from Gifford Pinchot III, take  a look at some real case studies of travel companies that market their commitment to sustainability, and discuss how media and bloggers can pitch stories about green travel.

5. Okay, this last one is not exactly travel-related. Next week, I’ll be teaching a little class about non-profit blogging, highlighting the success of our online-to-offline engagement practices at Washington Trails Association. My co-pilot is Carla Saulter (a.k.a. “Bus Chick“) and we’re super excited to share our ideas and experiences engaging people towards action. We’d love to see you there.

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