Nature Notes: Name That Owl

Who, Who, Who are you? Even looked up to see two big brown eyes silently returning your gaze? Owls are more common than you might think, even in urban parks of the Pacific Northwest. This curious owl in the photo is a Barred Owl (notice the vertical bars of brown on its chest). These owls […]

Seattle’s Lunar New Year Celebration

It’s the Year of the Snake. My friend Shane Farnor captured this lion dancing in Seattle’s Chinatown/International District as part of the Lunar New Year Festival this past weekend, along with plenty of kung fu, firecrackers, and lanterns.  

Kayaking Hood Canal

On the still waters of Hood Canal, a kayaker approaches the north shore. Photo by Lana_aka_BADGRL. On Hood Canal’s south shore in the town of Union, Alderbrook Resort’s 1500-foot dock includes rentals for peddle-boats, kayaks and canoes from Hood Canal Adventures. They offer guided excursions as well. Read more about exploring Hood Canal’s south shore.  

Fishing in the City

Perhaps you’ve seen them fishing off the pier along Ruston Way in Tacoma, or casting from the beach in West Seattle. Have you wondered what those people are fishing for? That depends on the season. And of course, the time of day. This coming August we’ll host a run of pink salmon in Puget Sound. They surge into our […]

On the Mountain with Jack Kerouac

In 1956, twelve years before the land under his boots would become North Cascades National Park, Jack Kerouac spent 63 days in the deep, craggy wilderness of Washington state. It was a year before the publication of On The Road, a year before Jack Kerouac would become a household name and a beat generation icon. […]

The Earth has Music

Photo: Mount Tamalpais State Park in Marin County, California. Photo by Colleen Proppe.

Nature Heals

photo credit: Glacier National Park by V.D. Vanlue via flickr creative commons.

Hiking after the Rain

The sun is out today, and it’s time to get outside! When the rain returns, keep hiking with these suggestions from Washington Trails Association.

Thank You, Dear Readers

Happy Thanksgiving! Image courtesy of a 1940s Vintage Oregon Postcard: “Incomparable Gorge at Shepperd’s Dell, Columbia River Highway, Oregon”

Autumn Larch Gold in Kettle Falls

My friend Bruce McGlenn is one of those Northwesterners who belongs outside. When he’s not hunting for elk or fishing for trout, he’s off building a cabin or consulting on some environmental project. His Facebook page is filled with Northwest backcountry beauty, like this gem of blazing larches he photographed recently in Washington’s northeast corner. This photograph was […]