January 2011

How to Get Your Passport

“I’ve been to Seattle once. Let’s see, that must’ve been 1967.” I was freezing cold, waiting for a drip coffee at one of the smallest ferry terminals I’d ever seen. The kind man speaking to me looked like a fisherman, and he was not cold. Unlike me in my leggings and thin jacket, he was […]

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Seven Tips for Staying in Pacific Northwest Hostels

In many cities and towns throughout the Northwest, from Astoria to Victoria, a hostel is your most affordable overnight option. The thing is, the mere mention of the word hostel sends some people ducking for cover under a plush down duvet at the (expensive) B&B up the street. Is the bad rap legit? Sure, sometimes. […]

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Trip Guides are Here!

I’m not wild about New Year’s resolutions (probably because I don’t keep them!). This year, though, I’m open to trying a few and seeing how it goes. You know… join a gym, eat more kale, stop swearing around my toddler who now repeats everything I say… just your usual, run-of-the-mill New Year’s resolutions. Oh, I’ve […]

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