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Northwest TripFinder Vancouver

>> stunning and cosmopolitan


We can’t think of a North American city more stunning than Vancouver, a cosmopolitan metropolis with excellent museums, spacious green parks, and upscale dining and hotels.

Northwest TripFinder Vancouver

Vancouver has a laid-back side, too. The great outdoors surround and infuse this city. Residents regularly commute to work by bicycle. Cheap street food served from carts to lines of waiting, hungry people can rival some of Vancouver’s best restaurants. For every luxury hotel downtown there is an affordable option–a neighborhood bed and breakfast or a vintage hotel.

Northwest TripFinder Vancouver

As wonderful as downtown Vancouver is, don’t miss its vibrant neighborhoods. Check in on Vancouver’s beach life in Kitsilano (“Kits” to Vancouverites), eat lunch in Chinatown or on Commercial Drive, and fall in love with Granville Island’s Public Market.

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