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In between Vancouver Island and the mainland lies the Strait of Georgia, where a string of small islands are strewn like emeralds. These are the beautiful and idyllic southern Gulf Islands, placed perfectly within a sun-dappled rain shadow. The largest of these islands are Saltspring, Galiano, Pender, Saturna and Mayne.

Some Washingtonians call these islands the “Canadian San Juans,” for if it weren’t for that international border drawn on the map, they’d be grouped in the same archipelago by name.

The Gulf Islands are known for many things, chief among them their beauty and flourishing art communities. Saltspring Island (also called Salt Spring Island) is the largest and most settled. As soon as you walk (or drive) off the ferry that arrives here from either Vancouver Island or the mainland, you will feel that you are in a special place. Some call it Island of Peace and truly believe Saltspring nourishes the soul and promotes a deeper quality of consciousness.

A visit to any of the Gulf Islands will give you an immersion in local art and culture and an experience of natural splendor. Head here for a relaxing, fun getaway in a fabulously mild climate.

Travelers of every budget will find wonderful accommodations in the Gulf Islands, from hostels and campgrounds to some of the most luxurious resorts in BC.

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