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Cariboo Chilcotin is BC’s central region, stretching from the Cariboo Mountains in the east to the Pacific Ocean coast in the west. Backcountry adventure is truly on another level here. Everything is off the beaten path. It’s epic.

The Cariboo landscape is vast, quite rugged in places, and evidently gorgeous throughout. Think of it as Canada’s wild west, with a storied gold rush all its own, and a rich history of its First Nation inhabitants.

On the other side of this region lies the coast. The words wild and scenic only begin to convey the wildness and scenery of the Central Coast of British Columbia. The coast is lightly populated with humans (though not with grizzly bear!) If you come by sailboat or a BC ferryboat, you’ll venture through deep fjord inlets and sounds that make their way towards a handful of remote coastal towns. One is Bella Coola, a small, thriving community at the end of Queen Charlotte Sound that marks the beginning (or end, depending which way you come) of Highway 20, the road that spans the width of The Chilcotin.

Our dream two-week roadtrip vacation is to pack the tent and make our way north through the heart of the Cariboo, across the vast Chilcontin, and then get on the boat at Bella Coola to ferry our car to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, making our way south from there. Can you imagine? Epic.

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