July 2015

Olympic Peninsula Weekend: The Hybrid and the Kabin

I’m a bit inclined to get stuck in ruts, from the cars I like to drive (old Volvo station wagons), to the campgrounds I prefer (tent sites near wilderness) to the toppings on my pizza (pineapple and hot peppers). And that’s usually okay because really, change is over-rated.   But one kind of change is not over-rated: climate change. Our record-hot […]

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Campfire Restrictions in the Northwest

Taking a camping trip this weekend?  Pack your gear using our handy Car Camping Checklist and you won’t forget anything, ever. UPDATE: August 20, 2016 Going camping? There are campfire restrictions in place (see details below). In fact, 2016 marks the fourth summer in a row that has seen restriction on campfires in the Northwest, though the restrictions are […]

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