A Respite at Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge

I looked out the wood-framed window panes from my tweed-upholstered armchair. Yep, we were at timberline. Where the lodgepole pines ended, permanent snowfields began. From there, a dense cloud cover obscured everything skyward, including the top of Mount Hood. We were on Mount Hood. Timberline Lodge is an iconic Pacific Northwest landmark, and hailed as […]

Got a Payroll Tax Cut? Take a Local Trip.

While Congress squabbles over the merits and pitfalls of extending the middle-class payroll tax cut worth about $1000 per family for another year, I am already spending mine. In my head, anyway. One thousand dollars will buy us a couple of nice local family getaways next year, and help stimulate the local tourism economy in the […]

Coombs Country Market: Everything but the Goats, Under One Roof

“You gotta make a stop at the Old Country Market in Coombs. They have goats up on the roof!” People kept telling me this, totally unsolicited. I suppose I looked the part of a lost tourist, driving in circles around central Vancouver Island in my beater Volvo with Washington plates. And of course there was that ever-present […]

GO: Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

A detour for a short hike at Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park is a must regardless if you plan to camp here or not. The upper and lower falls are reached via short hikes on well-maintained trails through old-growth Douglas fir and stunning arbutus trees. The falls cascade through a narrow gorge and are absolutely breathtaking. […]

CAMP: Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park

There’s definitely something special about Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park, but be warned– it’s special to a whole lot of people, so don’t expect solitude in the summer months! Come winter, though, you may have the place to yourselves, save for some hardy campers, dog walkers and a plethora of shorebirds. The park is just off […]

Stressed Out? You Need a Holiday Getaway in the City

Have you experienced any of the following in the past week? Hives. Elevated blood pressure. Insomnia. Swearing like a sailor. Increased tolerance to caffeinated beverages. See, I knew it. What you need is a getaway. An emergency pre-holiday getaway. I know, I know. Who has time? The key is to just drop everything, right now, […]

Win a Tour of Mt. Rainier Glaciers and Waterfalls

Can travel change the world? I know travel has changed my world. And now there’s a way for travelers to give back. Passports With Purpose is a fundraiser put together by some pretty compassionate travel bloggers. In 2009, Passports with Purpose raised about $30,000 and built a school in Cambodia. Last year, the effort built […]