November 2010

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

I used to be an awesome gift-giver: homemade sea salt blends, hand-knit scarves, custom-printed stationary. I can see my friends and family nodding their heads right now – “yep, you sure did!” (the operative word being did.) The thing is, I’m a parent now with a job, housework, and virtually no free time. And so, my […]

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Thanks for Reading. Really.

It’s snowing in Nanaimo. That’s on Vancouver Island, for those that don’t know. If you follow me on twitter, you know that my family has been in British Columbia for a week now. Like much of the Pacific Northwestern states below us, snow, ice, and arctic-blast winds have been our frequent companions for the past […]

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Art Meets High Style at Tacoma’s Hotel Murano

There I was, in the lobby of the Hotel Murano, a revamped boutique hotel in Tacoma’s downtown that I had never before heard described without use of the adjective swanky. But I’ve grown tired of that word, I must confess. And as I sat there the morning after our stylish stay, sipping deliciously strong coffee […]

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Win a Stay in the San Juan Islands

Why do you travel? For some people, travel is a way of life.  I know people who’ve ditched their jobs, hoisted on a backpack, and traveled the world on a shoestring, forever changed. For others, travel is an escape, like the young couple I know who are  saving up all their vacation time to swap […]

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Romancing the Camel on San Juan Island

Joshua Johnson is a Seattle-based travel blogger who specializes in social media content creation and promotion. His website is Travel Media Ninja, and his personal blog is right here. Josh also writes for the popular travel site The Travelers Notebook and heads the team at the travel video site MatadorTV. Don’t miss the camel video […]

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Oysters and the Santa Train

BRITISH COLUMBIA Do you love to shuck and slurp slippery oysters? They’re even more delicious at the source. On Vancouver’s rugged, spectacular western coast is the town of Tofino on Clayoquot Sound, host to the Clayoquot Oyster Festival November 18-20, 2010. The region has reason to celebrate their bounty; they harvest 50,000 gallons of Pacific […]

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