January 2009

Port Townsend Sleeps

Two cheap sleeps to recommend downtown Port Townsend. Both are in historic buildings, loaded with charm, and have screaming deals.

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GETAWAY: Spring on Saltspring Island

It’s very important to have that favorite place. What kind of favorite place is that, you ask? It’s that place you daydream of quitting your job and moving to someday. You may visit this place only once a year, but still you feel like you’ve truly come home each time you visit. And yet, a […]

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Got the Bends?

Aspen, Jackson and Tahoe, and… Bend. For awhile there, it seemed as if every person in the west with a little disposable income was descending onto Bend, Oregon to buy up a vacation home and ski Bachelor. Naturally, housing prices went through the roof. It’s no mystery why Bend fast became one of the most […]

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