Instagram: 100 Northwest Trips - follow along at your awe for the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Follow us on Instagram as we virtually travel around the Pacific Northwest on 100 trips in one year. #100NWTrips launches in July 2014.

I remember my first few years as a Pacific Northwesterner. I moved here from the midwest and fell deeply in love, hard and fast. Not a single weekend was spent at home–there were far too many trails to hike, wineries to visit and small towns to explore. Then after awhile, I settled in. A glimpse of snow-capped Olympic peaks out the bus window no longer elicited a squeal of delight. There are those majestic mountains again. Sigh. And oh look, another breaching pod of Orcas. Yawn.   The Pacific Northwest and I were in the throes of a seven-year itch! And just like any other long-term relationship, I had to keep that flame lit! And so I dedicated my vacation time to travelling locally, a lot. Thing is, we can all use a little inspiration for the adventures and beauty that await in our Northwest backyard. That’s why starting in July 2014, we’re instagramming #100NWTrips to ignite your awe for this beautiful region. Twice a week, we’ll share a fabulous weekend getaway or day trip that captures the best of the current season. And if you think you’ve seen it all, from Mount Rainier to San Juan Island, you’ll really want to follow along as we post trips that go way beyond the usual suspects. See you on Instagram.    

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