Medford and the Rogue Valley

June 2012

Walk Among Giants at Cathedral Grove Provincial Park

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Towering old-growth Douglas Firs pierced the sky above. We felt as if we’d stepped into an ancient grove of trees. In fact, we had, but we could still see our car parked just off the highway a short distance away. You might call it “nature express.” Tourists wizz right past this spot every year on […]

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Q: Family Resorts in Washington?

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Dear TripFinder, My family used to visit Sunriver Resort near Bend, Oregon almost every summer, but now that we live in Seattle and not Portland the trip has gotten too long for a 3-day weekend. Are there any similar resorts in Washington state? Thank you, Jen Dear Jen, My family just dropped in on Sunriver […]

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Cascade Loop North Heritage Audio Tour

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Deepen your experiences traveling in the Pacific Northwest though Heritage Audio Tours, created by the non-profit Northwest Heritage Resources. In these dynamic audio guides, you’ll hear directly from local residents–artisans, tradition-bearers, musicians and more–in their own words and music. The rich cultural heritage of towns and regions across the Pacific Northwest come to life for […]

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Q: Where to Camp with Kids near Seattle?

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Dear TripFinder, We’d like to go camping this summer with our 5-year old son and 3-year old daughter. This will be our first time camping since we had children. Can you recommend a campground not more than 3 hours from Seattle that has things for kids to do? Many thanks, Jessica in Lynnwood Dear Jessica, […]

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Giveaway: Kayak Tour in the San Juan Islands

When you’re nestled into a closed-top sea kayak, you sit low in the hull. You’re not on top of the water as much as you’re in it. Secure in your seat, your legs are slightly bent and your feet are braced against the pedals. Covering your legs and torso is a waterproof spray skirt, which […]

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Tea Time in Victoria, BC

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Everyone will tell you to take time and enjoy a real afternoon tea service when you visit Victoria, and I’m not going to say differently. I’m a tea girl–earl grey, quickly steeped, with a splash of cream. In fact, I think I’ll make myself some right now to enjoy while I write this. I’m also […]

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I Took the Bolt Bus for $1

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A few weeks ago, I awoke at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning. I packed a small overnight bag, got a lift to Seattle’s International District, and waited on a street corner. In my hand was a bus ticket that cost me a dollar. That’s right – $1.00. And then I boarded a […]

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Q: Where to Go Cherry Picking?

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  Dear TripFinder, I would love to find a good orchard near Seattle to go cherry picking with my kids. I am willing to drive 2-3 hours. My goal is to buy tons of (ideally organic) cherries to make jam. I would be fun if there was a bit more than just cherry picking – […]

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DO in the Northwest: JUNE

Please note! We’ve added a festivals and events calendar! Event organizers – you can submit your tourism-related festival or event right here for FREE.   Summer keeps teasing us. For a spell in May, it was so sunny and warm that I was tricked into buying a whole mess of tomato and pepper plants for my garden, and […]

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Bellevue Trip Guide

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Bellevue is having a coming of age moment. The construction cranes that littered the downtown skyline just a few years ago are gone. In their place are towering glass boxes that house the likes of Microsoft offices and luxury condos. You think Seattle has high-end shopping? Bellevue has higher end shopping. It’s called The Bravern if you […]

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